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Hello everyone and welcome to my site about DSLR Camera Lens Filters. Photography is a new passion of mine that I picked up recently while obtaining a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. I always thought of it as an art medium in itself – a way to capture a subject in a particular lighting and mood to tell a story.

What I discovered is that there’s more to photography than just aiming and shooting. You need to understand your subject, the environment, the lighting, the atmosphere, and also the equipment you’re using, from the lenses, the shutter speed, the ISO settings, and much more.

One of the reasons that I’ve felt compelled to create this site was not only to assist others in researching and purchasing the right equipment, but in speaking about my experience thus far in this field.

My Beginnings as a Photographer

I’ve been an artist and illustrator all of my life, which started off with stick figures and doodling as far back as kindergarten. But I’ve slowly progressed up to different mediums over the years and today, enjoy illustrating different subjects, through portraits, concept art, and some landscape.

One of the more intriguing areas that captivated me to take up photography was matte painting. Manipulating backgrounds and images through ‘photoshopping’ has always intrigued me – particularly the way it’s been uses in motion pictures and the gaming industry. This eventually led me into learning more about photography, so that I can have my own photographs to manipulate.

One of my lifelong dreams has always been to somehow make it into one of these industries as an artist or digital effects expert. Practicing on the Adobe Creative Cloud and entering photography has definitely been a buy product of this dream. With this, I’m learning more about photography skills, tripods, having the right lighting, setting, aperture, and other effects needed to take great photos.

I’ve discovered the need and importance of having the right camera lens filter as well – something that I hadn’t thought about early on, as this can depend upon the type of photography you’re planning, along with the amount of effects you’re willing to adjust in post-photography work in Adobe Photoshop, along with your budget.

Why I wish to help people

The one thing that I remember when first starting off in photography was how daunting and intimidating it can be, with so many people and experts in this massive industry.

But I’ve learned to take things in strides, and just keep practicing on a particular skill set daily until i’m better at it. So this meant, taking good photographs at times, like capturing a runner along a trail as a ‘blur’ without checking my shutter speed, or ¬†even taking the perfect portrait of my next door neighbor’s dog, but too dark because I failed to check the aperture setting. I had to go through these stages with practice until I improved over time.

I was fortunate enough to receive constructive feedback from my online classes and local photographers who encouraged me to hone my skill sets, as I continued to improve in these areas. And this encourages me to want to assist other newbies in this field the best way that I can.

This website’s goal

My vision has been to create a site where I can not only discuss some of the concepts that I’ve learned so far, but to make available the best techniques and strategies when purchasing and using the proper equipment.

I believe camera lens filters are definitely something photographers need to keep in their camera cases, especially if you’re not technically savvy in performing any post production work in Photoshop. Camera filters are a great addition for achieving ¬†some necessary effects in how your camera responds to lighting, glare, and particular colors – in outdoors and landscaping shots. They also assist in controlling the exposure on those outdoor shots, along with the extra protection on your lenses from using UV filters.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


I also wanted let everyone know that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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